Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bad Fairy Ball

So what do you do on the night of a wolf moon and blue moon? Go to a bad fairy ball ... what else?

I went into town and picked up Sara and Mingy then headed over to the fairgrounds for a free Fairieworlds vendor fair. There was music, workshops, a free kids corner, food and lots of fun stuff to buy. After wishing a had a thousand dollars to spend we left empty handed, but with tons of ideas and lots of smiles.

(I made fairy houses when I was a kid. Maybe I should take it up again ... this one is $235.00)

(Some of the lovely costumes)

We went home, had quick naps and then got dressed for the ball. I went in a steampunk outfit and helped dress Mingy and my son Jake. A little makeup and off we went.

We arrived at the McDonald Theater about an hour before the music started so we had time to check out everything, meet a few people and take a couple of pics.

(The monkey moved his head and arm being controlled by his masters fingers)

(this teen was having fun in his bad fairy outfit.)

( you can see that there were loads of people and lots of different costumes)

The bands were great. I couldn't dance too much because my foot is still healing but I had a blast anyway. There were all ages from 4 to 80 and everyone had fun together. Looking forward to this July for their summer festival.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Year

Well I'm hoping to post more than once a year. lol Sooo lets get started!

Fun at Work...
In Sept we got 2 student teachers from China to join us for 5 months. It has been so much fun getting to know these girls. Now on the eve of them leaving us to return to China I have decided to continue last years resolution with a little twist. Last year I explored and tried a new local restaurant every month. This year I shall seek out and find at least 12 new Chinese restaurants in hopes of sparking memories of my new friends and my taste buds. Stay tuned for reviews.