Saturday, August 3, 2013

What a fun Summer!

 And it's not over yet. A couple of over nighters at the coast, 4 all day crops, a weekend retreat, and a glorious Oregon Country Fair, not forgetting weekly game nights, are just a few of my crazy days of summer.
 With those ups we have also had a couple of downs.  Hannah, and boyfriend Law, after months of no work got kicked out of their home and are living in a tent. They both have jobs as of this week so the slow uphill road it ahead for them. Mom's cat, Tony had to be put down after having a run in with a car. But not before a huge bill. Hannah's cat, Tom, may have been shot and has been trying to heal from it for weeks. Finally he looks to be on the right path today.
So here I sit with a month of summer left .... What shall I do?  Lol. Well tomorrow I'm cropping with friends and a trip is on the schedule for next week. And yes, I'm not forgetting the garage sale. I have been working at that slowly most every day.
I will keep you posted ...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Hospital Happenings

We always have fun together, even in bad situations. :+)

Linda and I were in the ER waiting between tests. She was lounging on the power bed and I was spinning and rolling around on the little doctors stool.

Paula: "Hey, this is a cool little stool. Look at the big ass cushy seat."
Linda: "I think it would be perfect in my shrinky dink room"
P: "You're right!" "Maybe we could sneak it out."
L: "I could hide it in my purse."
P: "Nahh, You brought the wrong purse for that. I saw a knee crutch last week. It is so cool! I could just put my knee on the stool and wheel it out the door."
L: "You would have to say "ARRRGH" a lot."
P: "OMG ... like a pirate's peg leg!"
L: "You could even wear an eye patch!"
P: " I'm sure they have some around here somewhere." "Do you think they would notice?"

This went on for a while, the giggling and plotting. Then quieted down when the handsome young man came to wheel her away to x-ray. As they silently rolled out I gave a loud "Ahoy Matey". And then giggled as the bed vibrated down the hall from Linda laughing. Later when she came back she informed me that she had ratted us out. He was laughing as we carried on. Then he got in on the fun. Giving us ideas about how to sneak it out. Great fun until he was ready to go and said that he would have to tell on us. lol
When it was time to move upstairs I "winked largely" and said that I would "Follow her up". She didn't get it the first time so I had to REALLY wink the next time. We giggled and she said how they probably had better peg legs upstairs and to leave this one here.

They did have peg legs up stairs but they were not better at all. Little seats, large base and too tall. So then we spent the next day plotting on how we could get back into the ER. I tried to get Linda to fall out of bed and break a leg or something but she wouldn't go for it.

One of the nurses, after hearing the story, said that if it didn't work out with the ER stool that we were not to worry because they have stools in prison.

This went on for the entire three days. Building as every new doctor and nurse came to the room. Alas we came home with no stool but plans are still in the making for that trip to the ER.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Up and Downs

Hey everyone, There has been a lot going on in the last couple of weeks. I thought that I would just run it down for you as well as for me.

April 30th
I was bragging that I hadn't taken one day off in April. No sick days. No leave days at all.

Sun. May 2rd
I caught a bad cold and phoned in for Monday and Tuesday off work.

Tues. May 4th
My Sister Donna was admitted to ICU because her pace maker stopped working and she had a major infection. Because I was sick I couldn't go in to town to see her.

Wed. May 5th
The doctors diagnosed that she was not healthy enough for surgery to fix her pace maker. They decided that her infection was a fugal infection from years in a mold and mildew ridden trailer. Her system started to shut down.

Thurs. May 6th
I told work that I would work a half day. I went to see Donna who had just been moved down stairs for comfort care. They were keeping her really out of it so I wasn't able to talk with her. After visiting Donna I went to work for a short afternoon. I was there about 5 min before they kicked me out. :+) They knew I was upset and still not well. They also told me to take Friday off so that I could spend more time with Donna and mom.

Friday May 7th
I spent Thursday night on mom's couch, which I don't sleep well on, and then took her over for several hours to the hospital. After taking mom home I felt I needed to return home to feed cats and get some good rest before returning on Saturday. While driving home I felt that I needed to stop at the store and check in with Linda. When I turned the corner toward the store I was met with 4 emergency trucks and lots of cars from the volunteers. I knew it was Linda. I grabbed my key and hustled across the parking lot to the store. After the paramedics felt she was okay enough to leave, I took her home. It was either an anxiety attack or mild heart attack. They wanted to take her to ER but she refused.

Saturday May 8th
After getting Linda settled I spent several hours worrying and checking on her through her window. I finally crashed and slept until noon. I headed to town but not soon enough. Donna passed at 2:30pm while I was driving into town. I spent the rest of the day with mom.

Mothers day
I spent the day resting and talking with Donna's friends. My kids called me. I love them so much!

Monday May 10th
I went to work. I tired out early and at 10:30 thought I may not make it through. I checked with mom, did a load of laundry and headed home.

Tuesday May 11th
Linda went to town the last couple of days trying to get some help with funds so that she could see a doctor. She signed up for River Stone and got an appointment for tomorrow. I worked and felt good.

Wednesday May 12th
When I woke up I just sat on the side of the bed. It was strange. I just sat there. Finally, after missing my shower, missing breakfast and then rushing out the door, I was on my way to work. Linda called me at 9:05am needing a ride to the ER. Her Blood pressure was extremely high. I was teaching in room 12 because the classroom teacher had to step out. It wasn't a problem except that I needed to leave. I had my cell phone and called the office of the school and told them the situation. We arrived at the ER at 9:30. After a bunch of tests, no food, and some giggles they admitted her and sent her upstairs at 5:00pm. A doctor came in and told us it was Cancer. Jessica came down from Portland so I slept at home.

Thursday May 13th
Today included a bunch of tests and a lot of waiting. I forgot to wish Hannah a happy birthday. Jess needed to go back to Portland and Seattle for work. I slept at the hospital.

Friday May 14th
They released Linda at 5:00pm and diagnosed her with stage 4 lung cancer. surgery is not an option but she has chosen chemo to slow or stop the growth. Jess and Doug came home with us. We sat around the campfire while laughing and sharing stories.

It has been a crazy and wild ride the last couple of weeks. We are strong and loving. We shall get through this together.

We also had a lot of laughs. You can't get two of us in the same room with out a few giggles involved. I will share some of those stories soon. Thank you for everyones love and support.

VooDoo Challenge!

When I heard that the challenge this week at Haunted Design House was Voodoo witchery I immediately thought of bones and bottles, bowls of chicken blood and New Orleans black wrought iron. My sis, Linda aka Oz, and I was talking and we decided that we really didn't want to miss out this week. So at about 11:00 at night we sauntered into her shrinky dink room to get started.

I love working side by side with my sis. we always work so well together. We came up with some ideas and I talked her into making a shrine type card. I cut out some bottles while she chose a background. Then she drew and cut out a candle stick while I spent, what seemed like hours, making a wrought iron cross. I used 8 different black rub-ons pieced together to make the cross. We stamped, giggled, and cussed a little and made this really cool card.

Now since it was MY idea and I spent the most time and effort (while she played video games) I feel that this creation is MINE to enter. Enjoy and may the bones be good to you!

***WHAT A BRAT! go here and read what my sis is saying about MY card! ***

Monday, February 22, 2010

WOW.... another Monday so soon!

A lot has happened this week...
I didn't get my van out of the shop yet.
We had a beautiful weekend.
I was sick all weekend.
My friend put her son in the hospital with no diagnosis yet.
fun times at work.
and not so fun times at work.

but hey I'm reading a great book, I made a card and I'm looking forward to scraping this next weekend with the girls.

So here is my card for this weeks challenge.

Macabre Monday #027 - Gothic Asian Persuasion

I found this great Asian silk painting with a wonderful raven. I matted it on black and embellished it with a few silk flowers of tan and black.

have a great week.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Macabre Monday - HDH026

Well it is Macabre Monday again at Haunted Design House and this week the inspiration is Vampy Vampyress. I found a pic that I took last month at the Bad Fairy Ball. I added some distressing to the pic, found a cool painting for the background, added a scroll work stamp, and a teasing little sentiment.


WOW... Four days off from work and what do I do? A whole lot of nothing. Sometimes I wonder ..
I did watch the Olympics and plan to as much as I can in the next couple of weeks. I remember gathering as a family to watch and cheer on our country as a kid. It seems to have lost some of the energy that it once had.I have lots to do today to make up for my laziness. Grocery shopping, laundry, bill paying, catch up with the kids and trade my car back. Off to start on my list.