Saturday, August 3, 2013

What a fun Summer!

 And it's not over yet. A couple of over nighters at the coast, 4 all day crops, a weekend retreat, and a glorious Oregon Country Fair, not forgetting weekly game nights, are just a few of my crazy days of summer.
 With those ups we have also had a couple of downs.  Hannah, and boyfriend Law, after months of no work got kicked out of their home and are living in a tent. They both have jobs as of this week so the slow uphill road it ahead for them. Mom's cat, Tony had to be put down after having a run in with a car. But not before a huge bill. Hannah's cat, Tom, may have been shot and has been trying to heal from it for weeks. Finally he looks to be on the right path today.
So here I sit with a month of summer left .... What shall I do?  Lol. Well tomorrow I'm cropping with friends and a trip is on the schedule for next week. And yes, I'm not forgetting the garage sale. I have been working at that slowly most every day.
I will keep you posted ...

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