Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Hospital Happenings

We always have fun together, even in bad situations. :+)

Linda and I were in the ER waiting between tests. She was lounging on the power bed and I was spinning and rolling around on the little doctors stool.

Paula: "Hey, this is a cool little stool. Look at the big ass cushy seat."
Linda: "I think it would be perfect in my shrinky dink room"
P: "You're right!" "Maybe we could sneak it out."
L: "I could hide it in my purse."
P: "Nahh, You brought the wrong purse for that. I saw a knee crutch last week. It is so cool! I could just put my knee on the stool and wheel it out the door."
L: "You would have to say "ARRRGH" a lot."
P: "OMG ... like a pirate's peg leg!"
L: "You could even wear an eye patch!"
P: " I'm sure they have some around here somewhere." "Do you think they would notice?"

This went on for a while, the giggling and plotting. Then quieted down when the handsome young man came to wheel her away to x-ray. As they silently rolled out I gave a loud "Ahoy Matey". And then giggled as the bed vibrated down the hall from Linda laughing. Later when she came back she informed me that she had ratted us out. He was laughing as we carried on. Then he got in on the fun. Giving us ideas about how to sneak it out. Great fun until he was ready to go and said that he would have to tell on us. lol
When it was time to move upstairs I "winked largely" and said that I would "Follow her up". She didn't get it the first time so I had to REALLY wink the next time. We giggled and she said how they probably had better peg legs upstairs and to leave this one here.

They did have peg legs up stairs but they were not better at all. Little seats, large base and too tall. So then we spent the next day plotting on how we could get back into the ER. I tried to get Linda to fall out of bed and break a leg or something but she wouldn't go for it.

One of the nurses, after hearing the story, said that if it didn't work out with the ER stool that we were not to worry because they have stools in prison.

This went on for the entire three days. Building as every new doctor and nurse came to the room. Alas we came home with no stool but plans are still in the making for that trip to the ER.


Linda aka Oz said...

OMG! I was there and we did do that...ROFLMAO!

paula said...

What a great story!!! I love that your sense of humour has helped the two of you through such a heart wrenching time. Know that I am thinking of you both xoxoxoxoxo